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Noshirt’s Bottom Line

Ladies, have we got (good) news for you! Your pleas have been heard: Noshirt is introducing its own line of underwear for women. Our bottom line (as we like to call it) encompasses a super-soft String and incredibly comfortable Brief and Short. Fashion designer Maureen De Clercq explains how the pieces came about.

Noshirt Bottoms

“The women who wear Noshirt have been asking for an underwear line from us for some time as they want to experience the same comfort that the base layer tops offer them for their lower body as well. At Noshirt we wanted that for them too, and now we’re finally able to make those wishes come true.”

Maureen explains how she went about designing the bottoms: “Right from the start of this design process, I knew I wanted to extend the signature One-Seam from the tops to the bottoms. This hem runs down the back at the buttocks, giving the silhouettes extra shape. Moreover, this choice creates a nice design thread that runs through the entire Women’s collection.”

Noshirt Bottoms

Comfort by nature

Comfort is Noshirt’s number-one priority. And that goes for the bottoms too. “We chose to use SoftTouch Tencel™ for the bottoms,” says Maureen. “This super-soft fabric feels great on the body. And by folding the fabric twice at the edges, you avoid having those bothersome elastic edges that pinch. The waistline of the bottoms is between a low waist and a high waist, which is compatible to any body shape. What’s more, we made the lining in the crotch a little larger, so that it’s really comfortable. For me, these bottoms deliver a whole new level of comfort.”

Noshirt Dry

The new anti-sweat shirt for women

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Unique String

In addition, the String boasts a design that has never seen the light of day before. “The String is the most unique in its category on the market,” explains Maureen. “It embraces the female form, is strong and does not pinch, making it really pleasant to wear and incomparable to anything else. Which means it might take a bit of getting used to when you start wearing it, as if you’re switching from an underwire bra to one without a wire. But once you do get used to it, you won’t want anything else.”

Underwear for all female shapes

Underwear for all female shapes

Women of all shapes and sizes were considered during the design process. “You often see that clothing is developed for a size S, and then simply magnified,” says Maureen. “That doesn’t fit with Noshirt’s vision: we aim for comfort for all. That’s why, throughout the design phase, several women tested the prototypes and gave their feedback. I fine-tuned the details until the bottoms felt perfect for every body type. Be they small, medium or large in size.”

Sustainable material

As always, Noshirt also kept sustainability front of mind. “SoftTouch Tencel™ is a natural and sustainable fabric made from the raw cellulose of eucalyptus wood. The wood comes from special, sustainably managed forests, where a new tree is planted for every tree used. It’s silky soft and super absorbent, so you can continue feeling confident even when you’re sweating. Also, it lasts a long time, even after frequent wearing, washing and drying. What’s more, we’ve made the sides extra sturdy, a design choice that’s especially important with the String. The fabrics used on G-strings are sometimes so thin that they can tear very easily. But not with the Noshirt bottoms. As a result, the underwear lasts much longer. That also makes it sustainable.”

Maureen hopes that women who wear the bottoms will enjoy the same experience as they do when wearing their Noshirt tops. “That feeling of comfort, that you feel great when you put it on – I want women to experience that,” she concludes. “The Noshirt bottoms are for the conscious woman, one who opts for comfort and sustainability, but who also pays attention to detail. The woman who likes to take good care of herself. I hope she – you – will experience that comfort while wearing the Noshirt bottoms.”

Want to experience the Noshirt bottoms for yourself? The String, Brief and Short are available in Invisible Rose and Black.


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